When my team came up with the idea to publish a Frequently Asked Questions page written with the questions from our customers, and in interview format, I said sign me up. Here’s what we have so far. The page will be updated as we have more questions that make on-boarding our new customers easier.

Q1. Is your site for Resellers only?

Yes and no. We are originally for resellers and our mission is to effectively deliver the technical aspect of digital video marketing. Offline and video marketing consultants can focus on helping their clients pull in more leads. They can depend on outsourcing all the hiring and contracting the actors, using tested scripts, getting the lighting right, and working with them to customize of the videos for their clients on time and on budget.

Q2. So, your site is not for resellers only?

Businesses and individuals can buy our video resources and we can customize it for them. The same as we do for Resellers. The difference is the Reseller gets a $100 discount on every video after the second buy. *This offer reset one year after the first transaction. Please talk to your account manager before using the Reseller buy button.

Q3. Do you customize the videos before delivery?

Yes, each video is customizable to your business or for the business you represent. You can choose the video template of your choice or niche and we work with you till the final cut. If you don’t see the business niche you need, ask your account manager.

Q4. What if I don’t want the ready-template videos? My client want a custom job.

Yes we do. You can choose any of our actors and contact your account manager for more detail.

Q5. I want to use my own image or video in the background, is this possible?

Yes. Our spokesperson videos are designed for use with green screen that allows adding your own images.  Each video is delivered with background images as you see them. However, an image of your business will do the trick. Placing the spokesperson in your business. The human interaction advantages are undeniable. Contact your account manager for more detail.

Q6. I’d like to change the audio on my template. Is this possible?

Yes, very easy.  Again the audio used in the previews on this site are for demo purposes only.  Its very easy to add your own audio or even your business information at the bottom of the video.

Q7. Can I add a video to the background of the new release spokesperson videos?

Yes. We will start rolling on this in early 2017. It’s ready technically, but we are still testing the delivery. As you know, delivery time of 3 days or less is important us. If you still want to get on this, contact your account manager for more detail.

Q8. Are all your video templates posted on your website?.

The answer is no. But we do our best to post them for public view as soon as possible. Our huge inventory of video templates are available to our reseller and business customers.For example, there are 100s of intros, outros, and transitions available in our back-end customizable with your logos. More will be available publicly soon.

Q9. Can I order Pay-per-call videos?

Yes this is only available to customers that understand how this works. For example, we edit a video for a Plumber or Attorney who need a video campaign but obviously only have time to run their business. Okay, we set the video up with their business name but with our Tracking (local) numbers and connected to the client’s business phone. We publish and rank video at no cost to client. When a viewer see our video and calls the number, it rings on the business number with a whisper, so client know the call is coming from us. Our weekly billing also shows all the calls. There’s a deposit to set this up. Contact your account manager for details.

Q10. Why would anyone order 10 of the same video?

The answer is simple if you know what you are doing. I will let you in on a little secret. You cannot share this :)… If your purpose is to put your business on page one of Google and remain there for your city, you will need to be on page one for the neighborhoods first. For example, Locksmith in Brooklyn, New York would need a video ranked for each of Jackson Height, Flatbush, Bensonhurst, Park Slope, and so on. The customization with intros and outros makes the video unique. If your purpose is to get customers to call you, these videos will blow up your phone. Our strongest resource is our team. We don’t rest until our customers are happy.